cartoon robot

Engine House

junction 9161

Gears and levers, pipes and pulleys…

These are the parts that help make a real train run.

At the Engine House you get to see the insides of an actual train engine and conduct a little locomotive action of your own!

  • Supports Science and Mathematics learning outcomes
  • Supports Investigation and Identification early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Engine House Activities

  1. Find all of the train parts you learned about in Meet the 9161!
  2. Find the real train bell.  Ring it!
  3. Spin the giant red valve!  How many times can you spin the red valve?
  4. What colours are the lights?
  5. How many orange and silver valves can you count?
  6. Can you find all six round windows?
  7. Peek inside the engine. The mirror helps!
  8. Take a picture looking out the window!
  9. How many red levers can you find?
  10. Count the steps it takes to get from one end of the engine to the other?