Junction 9161

Junction 9161 is all about the train – an important part of Manitoba history. This powerful locomotive forms the spine of the Children’s Museum experience. Standing inside and out, you can feel the enormity of this great machine.

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Explore In Person

Want to experience Junction 9161 in person?

10 Ways To Play In Junction 9161

  1. Follow the tracks to the front of the train. How many tracks are there? What colours are the tracks?
  2. Take a seat at the digger and get to work!
  3. Meet the 9161. Touch the buttons to learn about the train parts.
  4. Watch out for traffic! The traffic light changes colour. What colour is glowing? What does that colour tell us to do?
  5. Peek out the front of the train. What do you see? Take a photo!
  6. Be a conductor and yell “All Aboard!”
  7. Take a seat in the conductor’s chair. Tell us where to go.
  8. Push the buttons. What happens?
  9. Pull the lever. What happens?
  10. Take a seat next to the conductor and watch where the train is going!

Learning Outcomes

  • Supports Social Studies and Language Arts learning outcomes
  • Supports Transportation and Sharing Ideas early childhood development goals

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