Lasagna Lookout

Ever play with your food? Well this food plays with you!

The Lasagna Lookout is a giant piece of lasagna you can climb through and take a different path each time, but always end up on top.

Check out the Rigatoni Roller and Spaghetti Forest, or take a break on the Ravioli Pillows!

Each layer is an experiment in textures – rough, smooth, soft and prickly – what a tactile feast for the senses!

block building

Explore In Person

Want to experience Lasagna Lookout in person?

10 Ways To Play In Lasagna Lookout

  1. Create your own spaghetti forest. Take a photo!
  2. Move through the mirrored fettuccini. What do you look like?
  3. Crawl through the macaroni and rolling rigatoni!
  4. Peek through the holes in the Swiss cheese wall. How many holes do you see?
  5. Find the tomatoes. Can you find where they go in the lasagna?
  6. Can you move through the giant meatballs?
  7. Crawl over the wavy tomato sauce and through the stringy cheese!
  8. Stand inside the large tomato!
  9. Look out the clear bubbles of cheese. What do you see?
  10. Use the talking tubes to talk to a partner in the lasagna.

Learning Outcomes

  • Supports Physical Education and Health Education learning outcomes
  • Supports Movement and Health early childhood development goals

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