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2018 Annual Report Available Now


The Children’s Museum is pleased to announce the publication of its 2018 Annual Report. To view a PDF-version of this document, please click here.

Call For Participants: Circles For Reconciliation


Children’s Museum Circle
Dates: Tuesdays from April 2 to June 4, 2019
Time: 1:00PM – 2:30PM
Location: 45 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4T6

As signatories to Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord, the Children’s Museum is committed to promoting deeper intercultural understanding, increased empathy, and mutual respect within our community. With these goals in mind, the Children’s Museum will be hosting Circles For Reconciliation this spring, and is currently seeking Circle participants.

About Circles For Reconciliation

Circles For Reconciliation is a grassroots project that establishes local discussion groups in order to build trusting, meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples as part of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

A Circle consists of weekly 90-minute guided discussions for 10 consecutive weeks.

Each Circle must consist of 10 people – 5 Indigenous and 5 non-Indigenous. The group is led by two trained facilitators, one Indigenous and one non-Indigenous.

Download the Circles For Reconciliation Brochure (PDF) or visit circlesforreconciliation.ca to learn more.

How To Register

Please visit the Circles For Reconciliation website to register.

(Note that Circles throughout Manitoba are seeking people of all backgrounds to participate.)

Instructions to register for the Children’s Museum Circle:
1. Enter “Children’s Museum” in Neighbourhood section.
2. Select “Tuesday” and “Afternoon (1pm)” in the Availability section.
3. Write “Children’s Museum Circle” in the Comments section.

Halloween Howl Update



Please be advised that only guests who purchased their tickets in advance will be granted access to this year’s Halloween Howl event. Tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the door. (Update posted October 17, 2018 @ 10:29AM)

Parking Changes


FNP Parking

The parking process has recently changed!

Complimentary parking is now available through FNP Parking while visiting the Children’s Museum!
Simply register your license plate number with an Admissions Attendant after you check-in at the Children’s Museum for a maximum of 3 hours of free parking onsite at The Forks.

Effective October 1, 2018, the Children’s Museum will no longer be capable of refunding parking fees paid at FNP Parking machines. For further questions or concerns related to parking at The Forks, please visit fnpparking.com.

About FNP Parking

The Forks (and its subsidiary FNP Parking) manage all parking onsite at The Forks, and there is a combination of daily and hourly paid parking available – including identified handicap stalls close to all facilities – for Forks visitors (as indicated on The Forks Map). To learn more about parking onsite at The Forks, please visit fnpparking.com.

Active Transportation Routes


Bicycle commuters can plan their bike route using any of the four main Active Transportation Routes to The Forks.

  • North Route: Waterfront Drive
  • South Route: Churchill Drive
  • East Route: Esplanade Riel
  • West Route: Assiniboine Avenue (and bonus Riverwalk!)

Active Transportation Route Overview Map

North Route: Waterfront Drive

North Route

South Route: Churchill Drive

South Route

East Route: Esplanade Riel

East Route

West Route: Assiniboine Avenue (and bonus Riverwalk!)

West Route

(Source: The Forks Blog, 2017)

2018/19 School Program Bookings


Attention Educators: We’re now accepting School Program Bookings for the 2018/19 School Year!

With 55+ Manitoba curriculum-linked School Programs for Grades N – 5 available in English, French, Basic French, or Immersion, as well as other special school offers and upcoming events, the Children’s Museum is a perfect destination to extend your students’ learning experiences and reinforce your classroom instruction.

Click here to learn more or contact our Sales & Bookings Coordinator at 204.924.4005 today.

2018 Holiday Party Rentals & Gifts


As fall approaches, it’s time to plan for end-of-year holiday events: staff parties, family celebrations, receptions, and more. With twelve permanent galleries that spark kids’ creative learning as well as private rooms of varying sizes and numerous optional services including our seasonal Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bar and personal Shop-er holiday gift services, the Children’s Museum is the ideal location to host your family-friendly holiday event.

Our November and December facility rental calendar is already filling up with holiday bookings, so contact us soon to book a date for your gathering. We will provide you with a customized quote based on your event needs, with discounts for museum members and non-profit agencies.

Click here to learn more or contact our Sales & Bookings Coordinator at 204.924.4005 today.

2017 Annual Report Available Now


The Children’s Museum is pleased to announce the publication of its 2017 Annual Report. To view a PDF-version of this document, please click here.

Member Spotlight (February 2018)


Introducing…The Wormenor Family!

Wormenor Family Portrait
Photo Credit: Wormenor Family photograph by Don Reimer

The Children’s Museum’s 35,000 square-foot learning landscape offers a warm, child-centric oasis for the next generation of creative problem-solvers, and for those who support them. Open 359 days a year and one of the first museums in the province that children visit, we welcome 150,000+ guests annually, including 3,600+ active museum members.

Children’s Museum membership is an economical means of exploration and discovery at a world-class museum that cannot be fully experienced in just one visit. A member since 2015 and a teacher by profession, Jaelynne Wormenor parents three children under the age of ten with her husband Simon. Jaelynne shares her reasons for choosing the Children’s Museum.

Q: You have visited the Children’s Museum as an educator with your students, and as a parent with your family. In your observation, how do the educational experiences provided here positively impact children?
A: I remember coming to this museum long before I had my own children and I always loved the way the museum encouraged ‘kids being kids!’ Since having my own children, I appreciate the large spaces in which kids can hop, skip, jump, and really engage in using their whole bodies. The Children’s Museum really is all about ‘hands on education.’ I love knowing that my kids leave here every time with a greater sense that learning is fun. Both my students and children always come away with new facts and information!

Q: Why did you choose Children’s Museum membership for you and for your family?
A: I appreciate the big spaces and allowing of kids to use indoor but not ‘museum/library’ voices. We really enjoy the consistency of having the ‘regulars’ to visit like the art stations and noodles and train and of course the water station! But we also value the big room that changes every few months. We’ve loved everything from the Adventures of MR. POTATO HEAD exhibition and the Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action exhibition to the Kids Celebrate exhibition. This museum is able to capture the loves and interests of my kids who range in ages 4, 7, and 9. Each time we come they always ask to stay longer!

Q: Membership provides one year of unlimited museum admission. How often do the members in your family visit?
A: My two oldest children Justice (9) and Jubilee (7) wish they could come more often, but there’s school after all! Sometimes during the day, my youngest daughter Journey (4) and I will meet other friends for playdates at the museum. Other times we’ll come during the members events and bring the whole family. My big kids get super excited for those times and also during the summer when they get to visit more often.

Q: With 40+ reciprocal membership partners and numerous other benefits of Children’s Museum membership, which benefits do you value the most and why?
A: The top three benefits I value the most are the free passes we receive when we first join/renew our membership and the fact that we can get discounts for other places in Winnipeg such as Manitoba Museum. I love the partnership and supporting local. I also love the member events.

Q: You and your family attended the recent Children’s Museum November Members Night. What do you and your children like best about the member events?
A: I love how there are always themes and different crafts and snacks to go along with the members events. I also really appreciate that you can bring other guests for free. It’s a great way to introduce new people to the museum.

Q: As a member, you know that the Children’s Museum is a special place reserved for children and for those who care about them. What would you tell people who are considering purchasing a membership for themselves and/or for others in their lives?
A: I would definitely encourage them to get a membership! There are so many great opportunities for learning and engaging so many of our senses…both young and old can enjoy. As a teacher and parent I see so many families who struggle with finding ways to connect and spend time with each other. Technology/screen time can be good, but it often creates distance and sometimes way too much sitting and solitude. In our climate here in ‘Winterpeg’ it’s so great to come to the Children’s Museum and move around a bit…climbing stairs, playing dress-up on the train, scrambling up the noodle holes, flying down the kaleidoscope slide, and then slowing down and snuggling in the train car and reading a good book while the unique creations dry at the art table. A membership would also be a great gift!

Membership Program

Member Profile (January 2018)
Photos supplied by Jaelynne Wormenor

With 12 permanent galleries, innovative temporary exhibitions, and a variety of drop-in programs, workshops, and special events, the Children’s Museum is a great place for the whole family.

Click here to learn more about the Children’s Museum Membership Program.

Supporter Spotlight (November 2017)


The Findlay Family
Introducing…The Findlay Family!

An interactive learning environment that nurtures the power of imagination and spirit of self-discovery, the Children’s Museum believes in the potential of all children and values diversity, inclusion, and positive social change. We meet our mission 359 days a year and continued success depends a great deal on community partnerships. That’s where committed supporters like the Findlay family come in. We are delighted to recognize Ian and Jennifer Findlay, and their children Bryce and Carys, for their ongoing investment in the Children’s Museum and the communities we serve.

Supporter Spotlight

We recently asked the Findlay Family to share their reasons for supporting the Children’s Museum. Read on to learn more about this meaningful conversation.

Q: Why is the Children’s Museum your charity of choice?
A: As parents, our experience with the Children’s Museum was through watching the learning and growth of our children as they interacted with the museum’s environment.There’s an old saying that the longest journey begins with a first step. The Children’s Museum helps children to imagine and take first steps as they grow, develop, and explore their curiosity of the world around them. The creative learning opportunities the Children’s Museum provides benefits all children and deserves support.

Q: Why did you choose a multi-year annual pledge?
A: We’re a busy family and we keep forgetting to donate.

Q: What do you find most rewarding in being a committed donor to Children’s Museum?
A: Seeing the smiling and happy faces of the visitors to the Children’s Museum and knowing that we could take a role in contributing to the happiness of others.

Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a first-time, monthly or annual donor to the Children’s Museum?
A: It’s about taking the first step. Change only comes from what we do. If you want to make the world a better place you have to take the first step.

Consider making the Children’s Museum one of your charities of choice!

Our family of supporters is vital to the economic engine that has propelled the Children’s Museum forward for over three decades and enabled us to thrive as one of Manitoba’s most popular cultural institutions.

As a registered non-profit charitable organization, the Children’s Museum relies on earned revenue, including donations, to cover approximately 90% of our operating costs. As such, your support is extremely meaningful. Funds raised for the Children’s Museum are used to enhance galleries and exhibits, to create educational programs and events, and to help fund the museum’s access programs – including the Free2Play Access Program (which provides free museum visits to under-supported children in our community) and the Rural Access Program (which brings children from rural Manitoba schools to the Children’s Museum for free school programs).

Click here to learn more or to support the Children’s Museum today.







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