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Tumble Zone

Is this a builder’s fantasy…

An ambitious urban planning project, or a game?

Inside are all the things you need to create your own unique cityscape using strange and unusual pieces that replace traditional building blocks.

Construction can be a job for one person or a team!

But wait! Not satisfied with the result? Knock it down, start again, and build something even crazier!

  • Supports Mathematics and Science learning outcomes
  • Supports Cooperative Play and Construction early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Tumble Zone Activities

  1. Peek through the openings to see what is happening on the other side.
  2. Open the architect’s door. How many triangles can you find?
  3. Use the timer table to build as fast as you can!
  4. Use the crane tables to build as high as you can!
  5. Try to build on the wavy table. What can you make?
  6. Use the blocks to build anything you can imagine! What did you build?
  7. Move furniture from the truck to your new home sweet home.
  8. Find out how tall you are at the big ruler. How tall are you in blocks?
  9. Put on a hard hat. Take a photo!
  10. Plan your next design with the magnets at Big Plan.