Mellow Marsh

Heighten your senses…

Bug-sized visitors walk under the giant leaves to admire the flowers in this “organic” cube. 

But these flowers are for more than looking at. The pin screen and art machine flowers are for touching and leaving your mark!

block building

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10 Ways To Play In Mellow Marsh

  1. Find the turtle drum. What body parts do you see?
  2. Make music on the turtle drum’s back!
  3. Look up! How many circles do you see hanging above your head? What colours are they?
  4. Act like a frog and move from lily pad to lily pad. What other creature can you act like as you move?
  5. Listen! What do you hear as you move between lily pads?
  6. Look up! How many orange trumpets do you see hanging above your head?
  7. Use your hand to leave a handprint on the pin screen!
  8. What else can you use to leave a print on the pin screen? Take a photo next to your creation.
  9. Count the flower petals on the floor. How many are there?
  10. Create a colourful picture on the “Art Machine!”

Learning Outcomes

  • Supports Arts and Science learning outcomes
  • Supports Expression and Awareness early childhood development goals

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