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Time Squared

Proudly supported by The Winnipeg Foundation

Every town needs a central meeting place to share exciting stories, to rest up before the next big adventure, or to plan out another series of explorations!

Synchronize your watches at the Square Clock Tower and let’s get going!

  • Supports Mathematics and Language Arts learning outcomes
  • Supports Role Playing and Telling Time early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Time Squared Activities

  1. The clock makes sounds every 15 minutes – meet there to enjoy them!
  2. Each number on the clock has its own square. Can you find all 12? What colour is each number’s cube?
  3. Sit in a window seat and enjoy a good book!
  4. Pose in the doorway for a special photo opportunity.
  5. What a great place to meet and share a good story. You can even perform it on stage!
  6. Peek behind the little numbered doors. What do you see?
  7. Follow the maze on the floor!
  8. The clock on the floor can help teach time. Pick a spot on the floor – what time is it?
  9. The benches have a shape on them. What shape is this? What colour is it? Can you find any other shapes that are the same colour?
  10. Check out what’s happening at the Children’s Museum on the tree monitors.