cartoon robot

Story Line

rows of seats and desks in story line gallery

“Are we there yet?”

….won’t be heard as visitors ride the train on the literacy-based Story Line.

Six destinations transport visitors anywhere imaginable – from outer space to deep beneath the sea, Story Line explores it all!

  • Supports Language Arts and Arts learning outcomes
  • Supports Reading and Performing early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Story Line Activities

  1. Use different words to tell a story in the giant book.
  2. Dress-up and act out an illustration in the giant book! Take a photo!
  3. Make a funny face in one of the mirrors!
  4. Take a look outside. What do you see?
  5. Enjoy a book from the different worlds at each table.
  6. Play a game from the different worlds at each table.
  7. Find a good spot to sit down and ride the train. What world are you going to?
  8. Climb up the Story Line “Viewpoint.” What do you see?
  9. Crawl through the tunnel under Story Line.
  10. Peek out the tunnel under Story Line. What do you see?