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Milk Machine

Proudly supported by Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

Can you see what a cow sees? Can you hear what a cow hears?

Of course you can, if you’re at the Cow Controls in the Milk Machine!

When you enter the GIANT cow cube, you’re going to have a “dairy” good time.

Grass, stomachs, and udders set the “moo-d” as you learn about modern dairy farming practices and the importance of milk in a balanced diet.

  • Supports Health Education and Science learning outcomes
  • Supports Nutrition and Needs early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Milk Machine Activities

  1. Find 12 things hiding in the grass. What are they?
  2. Look out for cow pies! Step on them one by one!
  3. Rest your feet on the comfy cow mat!
  4. Feel how a cow scratches an itch.
  5. There are cows hiding behind the flaps. Can you find the matching cow?
  6. Find the cow food. How much does a cow eat and drink in one day?
  7. Follow milk’s journey. How many different paths can it take? Have a partner take a photo of you catching a drop of milk!
  8. Find the giant milk carton! How tall are you?
  9. Look through the eyes of a cow. What do you see?
  10. Listen to the cow moo. What do you think the cow is telling you?