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Consider making the Children’s Museum one of your charities of choice!

The Children’s Museum exists to spark kids’ creative learning. We believe that the most effective way to lead children to success is to engage their imaginations and help them to live out their dreams! We believe in the potential of all children and are proud to be an organization that gets them motivated about learning, creativity and imagination!

But, we also need you.

As a registered non-profit charitable organization, the Children’s Museum relies on earned revenue, including donations, to cover approximately 86% of our operating costs. As such, your support of the Children’s Museum is extremely meaningful.

Money raised for the Children’s Museum is used to run programs such as Day Camp, Arts Club, and School Programs. We also need your help to fund our Free2Play Access Program, which brings under-supported children to the Children’s Museum for school visits or extra-curricular programs and Day Camps – FREE OF CHARGE!

Funds raised are also used to keep our building and galleries in working order – with millions of little fingers interacting with our exhibits each year, surely you can imagine how hard we work to keep up!

The Children’s Museum is a registered non-profit children’s charity (#10348 0943 RR0001)

Ways You Can Help

The Children’s Museum is a registered children’s charity (#10348 0943 RR0001) – we rely on financial support from businesses and individuals like you. So, what can you do to help?

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