Tot Spot

Getting there is all the fun…especially if you’re our littlest museum visitors.

Tots ride, walk, or crawl their way over bridges and through a tunnel, so park your stroller at the Stroller Park and explore this miniature version of the Children’s Museum!

block building

Explore In Person

Want to experience Tot Spot in person?

10 Ways To Play In Tot Spot

  1. Move the balls and beads in the wooden activity centre.
  2. Crawl through the rigatoni tunnel.
  3. Make a path with the petals. How many do you see? What colours are the petals?
  4. Find the mirror. Who do you see?
  5. Read a story on the train!
  6. Step on the train tracks. What do you hear?
  7. Watch what happens in the bubble wall.
  8. Pose in the arch. Take a photo!
  9. Use the blocks to build anything you can imagine!
  10. Explore the different shapes and sounds in the orange activity centre.

Learning Outcomes

  • Supports Imitate, Interact, Learn Through Play, and Develop Motor Skills early childhood development goals

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