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Splash Lab

boy playing with water display in splash lab

Proudly supported by the Richardson Foundation

Grab a lab-coat-slicker and join in the fun!

Whether you’re playing by the enormous bubble wall, having a blast at the water table, or finishing it all off with an experiment, watch out — there’s water everywhere!

  • Supports Science and Arts learning outcomes
  • Supports Exploration and Predict & Test early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Splash Lab Activities

  1. Match the splashes on the wall! How many splashes are there?
  2. Press the buttons and watch what happens in the bubble wall! Take a photo!
  3. Spin the wheels on the wall. What happens? What colours do you see in the wheels?
  4. Block the flow of water with a yellow dam. What happens?
  5. Pump water and fill the cups. What happens when they get full?
  6. Watch the vortex swirl around and around. What happens when you place a ball inside?
  7. Watch the laminar jets shoot water. What happens when you place a ball on top?
  8. Use a laminar jet to spin a wheel around and around!
  9. Make different paths for the water to travel in the water labyrinth!
  10. The fog machine starts every few minutes. Did you see it? Did you feel it?