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his november make your very own mailbox for all your holiday cards!

Supply List

  • Foam Sheets
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper Fasteners


  1. Take one sheet of foam and lay it horizontally. Cut it down the middle.
  2. Take an uncut sheet of foam and line it up with the half sheet. Use duct tape to connect the two sheets.
  3. Fold the sheets along the seam, so the duct tape is facing inwards. Use duct tape to reinforce the outer edges of the seam as well.
  4. Create an arch with your long sheet up and attach it to the other side. Use duct tape to secure the inside and outside edges of this seam.
  5. Trace the opening of each end of the mailbox on a new sheet of foam. Cut these shapes out.
  6. Use tape to attach the entire back side of the mailbox.
  7. For the front of the mailbox, use tape to attach only the bottom edge, so that you can open and close the flap.
  8. Use another colour of foam to cut out a flag shape, and a long rectangle for the front latch.
  9. Position your flag on the side as desired, and poke a paper fastener through the bottom of the flag and the side of the mailbox. Pull the two parts of the fastener apart to secure it inside the mailbox.
  10. Take your long rectangle and place it in the upper middle of the front flap. Push a paper fastener through to secure it. Fold the other side of the rectangle up over the top of the mailbox, and push a paper fastener through it to hold it in place. Inside your mailbox, pull the two parts of one of these fasteners apart to secure it in place. Leave the other paper fastener closed so it can easily be pulled in and out to open and close your mailbox.
  11. Now you’re ready to send and receive letters! Lift the flag up and down to show when you’ve got mail!
  12. When you have enough pieces of pie to satisfy your sweet tooth, flip them on their back. Cut a piece of string (as long as you’d like) and lay it across the back of your pieces of pie. Use the tape to attach your pieces of pie to the string.
  13. Flip your pies back over to reveal your fantastic garland! Hang it up with pride!

Additional Tips:

Write some letters to your friends and family, and place them inside your mailbox to be delivered!

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