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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Supply List

  • Markers
  • Construction paper (various colours)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. First, let’s start with the body. Take a sheet of construction paper and fold it in half the long way, then cut along the fold
  2. Apply glue to one end of the halves and roll it into a large tube
  3. Take the other strip of paper and fold it in half width-wise
  4. Cut out a “U” shape at the open end for the legs
  5. Fold the legs about 1-2cm to make feet. Make sure you fold them all together!
  6. Glue the hind legs on your paper base (green, blue, white – whatever you’d like!) and use a marker to colour in the hooves
  7. Glue the front legs onto the base, creating a nice arch for the body and colour in the hooves
  8. Cut a tail out of construction paper and glue it onto the body
  9. Cut antlers and a red nose out of construction paper and glue it onto the head
  10. Draw on the eyes and a smile with a marker
  11. Glue the head onto the body
  12. Give it a bit of time to dry and then display in all its red-nosed glory!


  • Make your reindeer feel more at home with trees in the background! Add a tree and decorate it, then glue it onto your base for a lovely background (as seen in the picture).
  • To add even more “wow” to your reindeer, here are some other things you can use!
    • Googly eyes
    • Red pompom for the nose

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