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Celebrate the back to school season and bring some light to darkening nights with your own paper lantern!

Supply List

  • Cardstock paper (black or any dark shade)
  • Tissue paper (red, green and gold)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Electric Tea Light


  1. Fold the cardstock paper vertically into 3 sections
  2. Trace an apple on the 2nd (middle) fold
  3. Use the scissors to cut-out the apple shape (adult help may be required to get this started!)
  4. Once your apple is cut-out, flip your cardstock over and use glue to attach the tissue paper to the back of your cardstock, so it is covering the apple cut-out. Use red to cover the body of the apple, green for the leaf, and gold for the stem. Or, create your own unique apple by using different colours!
  5. On the two ends of the cardstock, make an inch fold on each side
  6. Put glue on one of the folds, and glue the two ends together. Your cardstock should now be attached and your latern is formed!
  7. Place a light inside and your lantern is complete!

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