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Give old boxes new life by creating your very own snowy friend in this Build Your Own Snowman activity!






  • 3 Cardboard Boxes (different sizes)
  • White Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Velcro Dots
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper (optional)
  • Winter Accessories (optional – i.e., scarf, mitts, hat)


  1. Find three boxes and decide on the order in which you would like them to be stacked. On the sides of the middle one, carefully cut two circular holes for your snowman’s arms (it might be a good idea to team up with an adult for this step!).
  2. It’s time to paint your snowman. Put down some newspaper to prevent a mess, and begin painting your boxes. Leave them to dry and repeat this step with as many coats of paint as you’d like.
  3. As your snowman is drying, it’s time to make his friendly features! Use scissors to cut eyes, a nose, a mouth, and buttons out of construction paper.
  4. Once your snowman has dried, it’s time to give him a face. Apply one side of the velcro dots to the back of each eye, nose, each piece of the mouth, and each button. Apply the other side of the velcro dots to the place on the box where you’d like the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons to go, then put both dots together!
  5. Stack the boxes to build your snowman. Place the paper towel rolls in the holes you made on the sides of the box. Dress your snowman up with whatever wintry accessories you would like.
  6. Build and un-build your snowman as many times as you’d like!

Additional Tips:
Who says a snowman has to stay somewhere cold? Let your snowman travel the world by creating a closet full of accessories! Use construction paper and your imagination to send your snowman on adventures underwater, to the circus, or even to the beach – the sky’s the limit!

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