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Earth Day School Programs

Earth Day
Program discounts available on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

NOTICE: Earth Day School Programs for April 22, 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Join us for Earth Day and save! All green-themed school programs will be available at a special discounted price of $4.00 per student per program on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. We will also feature special eco-friendly crafts and activities throughout the day in the museum’s galleries, and encourage your group to collect recyclable materials to donate for use in our Pop m’Art gallery.

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Eligible Programs

  • Preschool: Creation Station
    Is it garbage? Can we recycle it? Let’s find out in this hands-on program that has students sorting, recycling, and creating!
  • Kindergarten: Paper, Trees & Me
    Trees are our best friends as we explore the paper making process from start to finish. This program includes creative dramatics, a story, and hands-on fun as we explore trees, paper, and the role of recycling. Students will create their own environmentally-friendly piece of paper!
    Supports Science learning outcomes
  • Grade 1: Material Mayhem
    The race is on! Materials must be sorted so that they can be recycled. The fun doesn’t stop here because now it’s time to create! The materials must become new objects. What can you think of?
    Supports Science and Arts Education learning outcomes
  • Grade 2: Materials In Motion
    Dream it, plan it, design it, and build it… with building materials that are all recycled goods. We’ll put these creations on wheels to see what happens next! Race your car creations down our giant inclined plane as you explore position and motion!
    Supports Science and Arts Education learning outcomes
  • Grade 3: Salvaged Structures
    Dream it, plan it, design it, and build it…with building materials that are recycled goods. What will you do to make your structure stable? We’ll put these structures to the test and see what happens!
    Supports Science and Arts Education learning outcomes
  • Grade 4: Do The Green Thing
    Composting is a great way to practice and learn about environmental stewardship and sustainability. We’ll show you all you need to know and then the rest is up to you!
    Supports Science and Social Studies learning outcomes
  • Grade 5: Simple Machines
    Learn about simple machines as you use them to make your own inventions! The best part is that all inventions will be made with recycled goods.
    Supports Science and Arts Education learning outcomes

Special Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: $4.75/student
Special Price: $4.00/student

Additional Information:

  • This promotional price applies to advance school bookings with 10 or more children.
  • For preschool and kindergarten groups, the museum requires one adult supervisor for every five children.
  • For Grades 1-5, the museum requires one adult supervisor for every seven children in the group.
  • All supervising adults are admitted free of charge.
  • Payment must be made upon arrival at the Children’s Museum.
  • Programs are subject to change without notice.

How To Book Your Class Visit

To reserve your classroom’s visit, please choose from one of the following ways to book:

  • By Phone: Call our Sales & Bookings Coordinator at 204.924.4005
  • Online: Complete and submit the School Program Booking Request Form found here.

Reserve early, as spaces are limited.