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Castle Builder

Castle Builder Exhibition
Programs available from May 12 – October 21, 2018

Summoning all castle builders! To coincide with our 2018 travelling exhibition, Castle Builder, the Children’s Museum presents a series of curriculum-linked school programs individually tailored for grade levels N-5. Builders of all ages are invited to explore, build, and play in the travelling exhibition — Castle Builder!

In this exhibition, students are transported to a kingdom where they become castle builders, building their own toy castle brick by brick. In Castle Builder, builders of all ages and skill levels can construct castles, learn about real-world castles and their building secrets, and plan their ideal castle’s defenses. Students can even explore the inside of the royal castle, test their fortress designs with a catapult, and spot a dragon.

Castle Builder was produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Program Details

Nursery/Kindergarten: Colourful Creations
One, two, three, colours and bricks reach as far as the eye can see! Construction and art collide as students use science and math to create their own working paint machine, and experiment with their own colourful creations!
Supports Science, Math, and Art learning outcomes

Grade 1/2: Ships & Bricks
Stormy weather is on the horizon! Students will band together with their classmates as they join and combine bricks and recycled materials to design their very own boat! Test and perfect your design to keep your boat afloat and your passengers protected!
Supports Science learning outcomes

Grade 3: Build It Up!
How fast can you build? Students’ skills will be put to the test as they race to replicate a variety of structures. Later, they’ll team up to build a sturdy castle using bricks and recycled materials, but watch out…something might be coming to knock it down!
Supports Science and Math learning outcomes

Grade 4: Mirror Mirror
Students dive head first into mirrored fun as they work together to take turns creating and following lines of symmetry. Later, they’ll experiment with light and fractions as they construct their own symmetrical castle inside a mirror box!
Supports Science and Math learning outcomes

Grade 5: Master Masons
Get yourself ready for the ultimate building challenge! Students will become the architects of their own castle as they integrate simple machines into their design. Be sure to build your machines carefully, they’ll be put to the test as you defend your castle from an enemy invasion!
Supports Science learning outcomes

Special Limited Time Offer

Date(s): May 12 – October 21, 2018
Price: $4.75 per student
Fall Special: $3.75 per student

Additional Information:

  • School Programs are available for groups of ten or more children.
  • Only School Programs booked in advance qualify for discounted group rate.
  • For preschool and kindergarten groups, the museum requires one adult supervisor for every five children.
  • For Grades 1-5, the museum requires one adult supervisor for every seven children in the group.
  • All supervising adults are admitted free of charge.
  • Payment must be made upon arrival at the Children’s Museum.
  • Programs are subject to change without notice.

How To Book Your Class Visit

To reserve your classroom’s visit, please choose from one of the following ways to book:

  • By Phone: Call our Sales & Bookings Coordinator at 204.924.4005
  • Online: Complete and submit the School Program Booking Request Form found here.

Reserve early, as spaces are limited.

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