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$500,000 Donation Helps Set Moo-d

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Sponsor The Milk Machine Gallery

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba (DFM) has graciously donated $500,000 to the Manitoba Children’s Museum’s Capital Campaign, giving us another big boost forward to making the new museum a reality.

DFM has quite literally contributed a building block to the new cubic experience by sponsoring the Milk Machine, one of the twelve new galleries now under construction at the Children’s Museum. This gallery will teach kids about modern dairy farming practices and the importance of milk in a balanced diet.

Part of DFM’s mission is to deliver both dairy education and nutrition programs to Manitobans. They achieve the former through live animal events at major Manitoba fairs and the latter through the development of printed nutrition resources for teachers and the funding of Manitoba’s School Milk Program – a nutrition program that encourages youth to develop the healthy habit of drinking milk everyday by making it fun and rewarding. The Milk Machine gallery will become one more important part of this commitment to education.

Jason Brandes, DFM’s Market Development Director, says, “When DFM was presented with an opportunity to support MCM – a major Winnipeg attraction – in its efforts to build the Milk Machine gallery, we were ecstatic. What better way to teach Manitoba youth about modern dairy farming practices and the nutritional value of milk than through a fun, interactive cow exhibit? Kids love cows…we know that this will be a big hit for years to come!”

The Manitoba Children’s Museum would like to extend a warm thank you to Dairy Farmers of Manitoba for its generous donation to the future of our community.

For more information about Dairy Farmers of Manitoba see their website:

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