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Museum Monday

Three hundred and seventy-five boxes. 1800 square feet. One artist. Four staff. One volunteer. Five days. One design. And a lot of paint.

Chris Minsal, A-MAZE-D Artist and Installer, was instrumental in the success of this maze-building extravaganza. Chris arrived on Monday, and we quickly got to work with our small and eager staff team to build the boxes. Four hours later, 350 boxes were built and taped shut (a few were kept aside for spares). Then came the fun part – putting it all together. Using four boxes, our team created 5’ x 5’ panels with a window in the centre. Each of these panels is one wall section. Once we had all the wall sections built and a few tunnel tops (created with 6 boxes), the maze started to take shape. Using Dave’s design, Chris’s expertise, and our handy staff and volunteer team, the maze was completely laid out by the end of the second day.

Watch today’s fun fact here! 

Exhibition Supporters: Toromont, Johnston Group, Len Dubois 
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