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Museum Monday

The final step in creating this “a-maze-ing” experience was creating the artwork to appear on its walls. In the initial design phase, many themes were discussed, but in the end, we decided on a graphic pattern of 2D shapes that would create a sense of movement as one explored the space. And, of course, fitting in with the rest of the museum wouldn’t be possible without a lot of colour.

Chris’s skills in colour theory came in handy during this phase. Using several shades of pink, green and blue, we learned how to mix and mingle the colours, creating texture and movement on the walls. Chris taped out the various shapes and decided when the shapes would merge from one to the next, and our staff team followed behind with a cart full of paint, filling in the shapes.

Starting with several shades of pink, the entire maze was covered in triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons and trapezoids. Then, we layered on blue and green shapes. Finally, a lighter shade of green/yellow was used to highlight several areas. The cubes were painted after they were placed on top of the wall, whereas the train was painted on the floor and then moved into place.

Watch today’s fun fact here! 

Exhibition Supporters: Toromont, Johnston Group, Len Dubois 
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