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Museum Monday

How many boxes does it take to create a life-sized cardboard maze?

Well, first, you need to know how big your space is. Ours is about 1800 square feet. That’s going to be a pretty big maze. Then you need a design. This took about 7 tries, but we eventually landed on the perfect layout. You need to know what your boxes look like, of course. Ours are (2’ x 3’x 1’). You need big boxes when you have a big maze.

Once we had all that information, we worked it all out.

Drumroll, please!

375 boxes. You read that right! 375 was the magic number! But don’t forget, the boxes are flat when they are delivered. So, how long does it take to build 375 boxes? With 4 handy staff and an artist, it takes about 4 hours. Not bad!

Watch today’s fun fact here!

Exhibition Supporters: Toromont, Johnston Group, Len Dubois 
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