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This week’s area of focus is SCIENCE, we will make floating hearts.

You’ll need:
– Dry-erase markers
– Large shallow-sided dish (white works best)
– Water (room temperature)
– Straw

1. Draw some hearts with your dry-erase markers on the bottom of your dish
2. Once the artwork is complete, carefully pour the water into the dish over the hearts. Pour slowly and steadily near the designs.
3. Now your artwork should lift and float around!
4. You can use a straw to gently blow the hearts around the dish too.

How do the hearts magically float? Dry-erase markers are designed to easily wipe off and are made with little adhesive. The ink is insoluble in water, so it won’t dissolve, but it is lighter than the water so it will float!

Craft Source: STEAM Powered Family 
Picture Source: Happy Hooligans
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