cartoon robot


This week’s area of focus is ART, we are making mashed-up monsters with play dough. For this activity, your child will get to use their creativity by creating their very own pet monster.

You’ll need:

This activity is simple but will get your child’s imagination working double time with this fun monster creation!

Decide what type of monster you are creating and get to work…. there are no specific instructions, we want your child to have creative freedom. We do encourage them to mash up their play dough first (hence the monster MASH part), but they can roll it out and use a cookie cutter for the monster’s outline too.

Decorating their monster is the best part! Use the google eyes, pipe cleaners and various other supplies you gathered to decorate your monster however you choose.

This activity is designed to get your child to use their imagination to create their very own monster buddy. What type of monster is it? Does it have any superpowers? We want your child to explore their creativity and come up with whatever weird and crazy-looking creature they can think of!

If you try this with the children in your life, remember to share your creations with us on social media @childmuseumwpg

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