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It’s time for another Mini Mondays reading list. Listed below are titles tailored to our little VIPS (children under 4 years old). We hope they bring laughter, curiosity and fun while sparking creative learning.

Bookscape: We Love Books!  
Arrhenius, Ingela P.

Discover a world of books and stories and learn first words with this adorable Bookscape Board Book!

Explore a cozy bookstore, visit a library, and learn all about books in this sweet board book by celebrated illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius. Each uniquely shaped page overlaps with the next to create a complete landscape when closed–and an immersive world to explore with each turn of the page when open.

Simple text and jubilant illustrations introduce babies and toddlers to a word of books and usher in an early appreciation for reading! Delightfully petite, Bookscape Board Books’ chunkiness and unique layers give them a tactile, toylike quality that begs to be picked up–making each book in the series a memorable and irresistible gift.

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Snore Like A Bear
LaRue, Nicole

Make believe you’re a big brown bear dozing in your den. Cuddle with your sleeping cubs until it’s spring again.

This adorable board book encourages toddlers to mimic the bedtime behaviors of animals both familiar and exotic. Little ones are encouraged to be drowsy meerkats, tired koalas, and weary walruses. These simple, engaging prompts help children relieve bedtime stress and develop a mind-body connection.

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A Kit Story
Farrell, Alison and Tracy, Kristen

I am a fox. Do you see me?

See the world through a fox kit’s eyes in a charming book about finding your place in the world. Over the course of four seasons, Kit comes of age in the forest. In spring, she gambols. In autumn, she races. In summer, she sneaks and slinks. But with her mama, she will always be a little kit.

This is the second in a series of board books that pairs Kristen Tracy’s enchanting, playful text with Alison Farrell’s sweet, endearing art for an adorable treatment of everyone’s favorite topic: baby animals!

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E Is For Earth
Paprocki, Greg

Learn with your toddler all about our amazing planet, Earth, and the things we can do to make it more healthy, sustainable, and even more beautiful.

An engaging collection of illustrations teaching children all about the amazing planet we live on and the things we can do to make Earth more healthy, sustainable, and even more beautiful. Have fun reading with your child as you come across letters such as these: A for activist, C for compost, E for energy, and O for oxygen.

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Our recommended reading is made possible by our partnership with McNally Robinson Booksellers. Visit your nearest McNally Robinson Bookstore in person or online to secure a copy of the titles listed above.

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