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Our summer reading fun continues with an animal focus tailored around our Milk Machine gallery. This week we look at stories about animals, farms, funny barnyard dancing and a chicken who has magic powers. Or does she? 

Petal The Angry Cow
Fergus, Maureen and Demidova, Olga

Meet Petal, a cow with a very bad temper. When her temper might cause her the chance to go to the water park with all the other animals, Petal turns to a swan for help on behaving. This laugh-out-loud story will tickle even the surliest reader, and Petal’s outsized tantrums will feel very familiar to parents and kids alike. But like Petal, this story also has a heart of gold and a core of pure warmth.

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Farm Block
Franceschelli, Christopher and  Peski Studio

It’s time to plant some crops, harvest the veggies, and make jam to take to the farmer’s market! Explore life on a farm in this addition to the bestselling Block Book series! Like the previous titles, Farm Block explores a concept–in this case, seasons. From a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn to picking pumpkins for Halloween, there is so much to do all year-round!

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Barnyard Dance!
Boynton, Sandra

Sandra Boynton has a knack for creating baby books with bounce. Her Barnyard Dance! Is a true romp of a board book, with cartoon farm animals that are wacky enough to make you laugh out loud, and rhymes clever enough to sustain those nearly infinite re-readings: “Stand with the donkey /Slide with the sheep / Scramble with the little chicks – cheep cheep cheep!”

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Gladys The Magic Chicken
Rubin, Adam and Rex, Adam

Gladys the chicken must be magic. After all, for everyone who encounters her, a wish is granted. The Shepherd Boy wishes to be beautiful, the Brave Swordsman wishes to join the Royal Guard, the Purple Pooh-bah wishes for his only daughter to be happy, and the Learned Princess wishes to escape the palace. And one by one, each of these wishes comes true. But . . . is Gladys really magic? Or is everyone making their own fortune? Either way, it adds up to one heck of an adventure for a chicken named Gladys.

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