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Our summer reading fun continues with a Tumble Zone theme. If your little one enjoys building with blocks and operating the crane at Tumble Zone then they’ll love these stories focused on building, smashing, crashing and construction.

Red Nose Studio

Bulldozers, dump trucks, and cranes are just a few of the vehicles working together in these pages to build something incredible. The payloader makes the hole for the foundation, the semi-loader brings in the huge blocks, and the crane lifts them up. But is this a real construction site, or a boy’s backyard? And after the structure is done, what happens next? Yes, the inevitable: he makes it all tumble down and is ready to start all over again! 

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Road Crew, Coming Through
Rinker, Sherri Duskey and Ford, AG

The construction team is taking on their biggest challenge yet–building a brand-new superhighway! With the help of new rough-and-tough road-building machines, the crew gears up for an action-packed day of rolling, building, paving, painting, and all the jobs that go into making a strong new road that will get everyone home safe in time for bed! 

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What’s up, Construction Truck?
Reinhardt, Matthew and Leigh, Toby

Follow construction workers through a busy day on the job. Lift the flaps to open the bulldozer’s doors and peek inside; help a crew member put on his helmet; and lift up the shovel to help the driver prepare a new bike trail for paving. When the story is over, follow simple instructions to transform the pages of the book into a three-dimensional bulldozer! There’s so much to discover in this stunning interactive board book from Matthew Reinhart.

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