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Need an idea for all those leftover Easter eggs? Let’s make Fizzy Eggs!

For the month of May, we are providing easy, educational, and fun Spring themed activities that you can do with supplies easily accessible from around the house! Like all those leftover Easter plastic eggs.

Here’s a way to incorporate S.T.E.A.M. into your child’s learning this Spring:


Fizzy Eggs Spring Science Activity:

  • Add 3 cups of baking soda to a bowl
  • Next, add some food colouring of your choice
  • Mix in ¼ cup of water, stir until it makes a paste
  • Fill up half your egg with the baking soda paste
  • Insert a toy or trinket and fill up the rest of your egg with the paste
  • Close up your egg to completely cover the toy inside
  • Place your egg in the freezer for at least an hour


Now it’s time for the fizzing!

  • Remove your egg from the freezer & carefully open it up.
  • Pour white vinegar into a bowl
  • Invite your child to use a dropper and fill it with the vinegar
  • Squeeze the vinegar onto your egg until the toy is revealed!


If you try this at home, please share how it went and don’t forget to tag us on our social media pages so we can enjoy it too! 


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