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Here’s a heart-shaped tangram inspired by the well-known Chinese puzzles. Turn it into a card for Valentine’s Day!


  • Valentine tangram puzzle sheet template (available for free download here)
  • Scissors
  • You can easily turn this tangram into a card for Valentine’s Day, in which case, you’ll need some stiff card stock, markers or something for colouring, and a glue stick to do this


  • Download and print the tangram heart puzzle template. Cut out the seven shapes along the bold lines.
  • Arrange the shapes to form a (angular) heart shape.
  • This fun puzzle activity can also be coloured in and stuck (in its heart shape) onto card stock as a Valentine’s Day card.

Spark Creative Learning!

A tangram is a two-dimensional puzzle of Chinese origin, created by cutting a square into seven pieces. The puzzle consists of one parallelogram, one square, and five different sized triangles. The goal of tangram puzzling is to reproduce various shapes that use all of the pieces with every piece touching and none overlapping. Learn more about tangrams.

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