cartoon robot



This DIY robot hand is a simple and inventive engineering activity that will teach children all about the world of robotics! With just three common items – straws, paper, and string – kids can create a moving, bendable hand. This activity encourages exploration of robotics, engineering, and creative thinking.


  • Standard drinking straws (paper or plastic)
  • Jumbo-sized straws (smoothie straws, paper or plastic)
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Yarn or string (various colours)
  • Tape


  • Trace hand (adult hand recommended for larger size) onto card stock. Cut hand outline out with scissors.
  • Place hand back onto paper hand to mark location of joints. Fold the paper hand at the marked joint locations.
  • Cut the standard straws into ¼”, ½”, 1″, and 2 ¼” sizes. Tape standard straws onto hand, and tape the jumbo straw onto the wrist.
  • Using a different yarn colour for each finger, cut five strands of yarn into 2-foot-long pieces. Be sure to knot one end of each piece of yarn. Thread one yarn strand through each finger. Have all colours meet at the wrist.
  • Pull on the strings individually and in combination to explore the wonder of robotic hands!
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