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(For the week of January 10, 2022)

Check out this week’s Feature 5 – a list of top-selling products from Shop, the Children’s Museum’s gift store, now with FREE shipping in Winnipeg on orders over $25!

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Ludi Sensory Tube
Price: $22.99 each

This educational toy is an inflatable cylinder covered with fabrics in different textures and multiple sensory activities. It helps develop a child’s senses, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Includes teether to help stimulate curiosity.

Suitable for ages 6 months+

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4M Sci:Bits Pump Rockets
Price: $7.99 each

Launch micro rockets that fly up to 20 feet. Discover the Newtonian rocket science behind 3…2…1…Blast Off and have fun with these mini Pump Rockets. 

Suitable for ages 5+

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Mini Garden – Dinosaur
Price: $12.99 each

Experience the wonder of nature all year when you bring the fun of gardening indoors with the Dinosaur Mini Garden Kit! Mini Gardening is a unique, fun experience that combines both arts and crafts with science (STEAM) as your child creates their own mini ecosystem. Perfect for beginners, this gardening kit for kids features quick growing chia seeds that sprout within 3-5 days! Contains potting mix, quick growing chia seeds, dino themed stickers, dimensional accents, fun mini figures, and decorative coloured sand.

Suitable for ages 6+

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Mini Lab Fluo & Glow
Price: $22.99 each

Create mixtures that glow in the dark with this fluorescent and phosphorescent science kit! Includes supplies for 6 different activities including make your own lava lamp, invisible ink, phosphorescent slime, and more. Also includes colouring and UV lamp accessories and instruction booklet. 

Suitable for ages 8+

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Quick Knit Loom – Unicorn
Price: $22.99 each

Learn a new craft as you create your own soft and squishy unicorn friend. Everything you need is included with this Quick Knit Loom kit. So much easier than knitting or crocheting; simply wind the yarn around the loom pegs, then flip the loops. When you’re finished, use the included components to stuff and accessorize your plush pal. Kit includes 60+ yards of yarn, fiber fluff, soft ears, gold horn, felt accents, large and small looms, hook, plastic needle, and step-by-step instructions. High quality loom can be used again and again.

Suitable for ages 7+

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