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Print and craft a pair of cute paper eyeglasses using First Palette’s six fun-shaped eyeglasses templates. You can make regular-shaped eyeglasses, heart-shaped and star-shaped awesome glasses, sweet flower-shaped ones, and a pair of retro cat-eye glasses!


  • A4 or letter size cardstock
  • Cellophane paper or transparency film
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons, coloured pencils, markers, glitter glue, washi tape, stickers, rhinestones, sequins, or whatever you want to decorate your specs


  • Choose and print out any of the glasses templates (linked here under step 1) on A4 or letter size cardstock.
  • If you chose any of the non-coloured templates, colour them with markers, crayons or coloured pencils. Use a single colour, or make it as colourful as you like. When using paint, add only a little water or none at all to prevent your paper eyeglasses from curling at the edges.
  • Cut out all three template pieces, and then cut out the eye holes.
  • The front frame has a pair of side tabs, each bordered by a dashed line. Fold the side tabs towards the back. Unfold.
  • Glue the straight end of each arm (the part that extends over the ears) onto a side tab.
  • Decorate your eyeglasses with stickers, glitter glue, small paper shapes, puffy paint, rhinestones, and other notions you want.
  • Make the lenses out of cellophane paper or transparency film. Cut a pair to a size and shape that covers each eye hole. Glue the lenses at the back of the frame.
  • Once the glue dries, try on your awesome new glasses.
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