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(For the week of November 8, 2021)

Check out this week’s Feature 5 – a list of top-selling products from Shop, the Children’s Museum’s gift store, now with FREE shipping in Winnipeg on orders over $25!

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Mini YooHoo & Friends
Price: $7.99 each

Aurora’s signature YooHoo & Friends are a group of characters who focus on the conservation of ecosystems and endangered animals. Through their plush characters, TV shows, and website full of games, they promote social responsibility and awareness of environmental impact. These mini plush toys measure approximately 3” each, and feature sparkly plastic eyes which are safety bolted, glued, and then heat melted together to lock in place. Adopt your favourite Mini YooHoo today!

Suitable for ages 3+

Mini YooHoo Clownee the Clownfish

Get it here!

Mini YooHoo Dolphee the Dolphin

Get it here!

Mini YooHoo Jinxee the Tiger

Get it here!

Mini YooHoo Lora the Macaw Parrot

Get it here!

Mini YooHoo Lovlee the Lovebird

Get it here!

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