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Exploring magical drawings with light refraction is a fun ‘magic’ science trick that even little kids can do. This science experiment is easy to do almost anywhere!


  • Glass of water
  • Paper (or paper napkin works if you’re at a restaurant)
  • Pen or marker


  • Draw something on a piece of paper, and see how it looks when you look through a glass of water. You don’t have to limit it to arrows. Be creative! You can draw anything you like and see how it looks through the glass.
  • Questions to ponder: How does your picture change? What bits stay the same? Does image size matter? What happens if you try with a wider (or narrower) glass? What happens if you move the glass closer to the image? Or further away? You could use a ruler to measure the distances and record your results. Does it change if you look at it straight on or slightly from the side?
  • A fun idea is to draw a picture of a face, with the eyes looking one way, and see which way the eyes are looking when you look through the glass.
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