cartoon robot




  • Pool noodles with a hollow middle
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • Utility knife or box cutter (adults only!)
  • Paper, scissors, toothpicks, and markers or pencil crayons to create a finish line sign
  • Marbles


  • With a utility knife or box cutter (adults only!), cut the pool noodles in half lengthwise and line the two halves up beside each other to make two tracks. If you cut most but not all the way through, the pool noodle halves will be able to open up and lie flat.
  • Cut up additional pool noodles in the same way and connect them to each other using duct tape or electrical tape. You can use as many pool noodles as you want to make the track long or short.
  • Set the racetrack up on a staircase or other inclined surface, and make and add a homemade finish line sign if you want.
  • Get out some marbles and start racing them down the track!
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