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(For the week of July 19, 2021)

Check out this week’s Feature 5 – a list of top-selling products from Shop, the Children’s Museum’s gift store, now with FREE shipping in Winnipeg on orders over $25!

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KidzLabs Crystal Mining Kit
Price: $22.99

Explore the wonders of geology with the KidzLabs Crystal Mining Kit. This fun educational kit allows young mineral hunters to dig for their very own crystals using the kit’s digging tool to unearth treasures from a tough plaster “rock”. The kit includes a plaster rock with eight (8) individual crystals, a digging tool, drawstring pouch for storing crystals, and more. A handy magnifying glass lets mineral hunters examine their treasures and study their different features. Once the crystals have been excavated, they can be displayed proudly in an attractive display case included with the kit. 

Suitable for ages 5+

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Dive In!: A Topsy-Turvy-Say-It-Out-Loud Underwater Adventure
Price: $24.99

Calling all explorers! Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham needs your help on this madcap diving expedition! Ordinarily, famous explorer Sir Sebastian is in command of every adventure. But this time, something seems a bit… fishy. That’s because Burt and his sidekick Crab are about to turn the tables on him—and you!

This adventure won’t be the same without you at the helm. Join Sir Sebastian and Burt the Blobfish on the ocean floor! Share in the fun by following the interactive read-aloud prompts! Learn how to talk like you’re underwater, take part in some very silly shenanigans, and get ready to laugh like you’ve never laughed before!

Written by the acclaimed family music band and Grammy Award-Nominated Recess Monkey and illustrated by Rob McClurkan, this children’s book is hilarious interactive fun for the whole family.

Suitable for ages 4+

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Bocase Tool Set With Carry Case
Price: $38.99

The ultimate tool set gift for educational construction and building play! It contains 22 tools and accessories all housed within the plastic carry case, including: a friction powered drill, screwdriver, hammer, nuts, bolts, and more. Approximate dimensions: 33 cm (length) x 28 cm (height) x 10 cm (depth)

Suitable for ages 3+

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Jungle Fabric Activity Cube
Price: $15.99

The Jungle Fabric Activity Cube lends itself to many games! This oh-so-soft cube is comprised of a multitude of textures and jungle-themed activities, designed to make it easier for your baby to grab and to stimulate your baby’s senses. It develops dexterity and coordination of movements. Includes a rattle filled with small noise-making beads and a flexible ring to easily and safely hang from a stroller, car seat, or crib. Toddlers can recognise and admire themselves in the small plastic mirror, while babies may use the star-shaped teething ring to soothe their little teeth.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

Suitable for ages 3 months+

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Soda Pop-Top Bracelets Mini Craft Kit
Price: $6.99

Big fun in a small box! Design your own Soda Pop-Top Bracelets – just combine the included silver pop tabs and trendy ribbon to create 4 cool bracelets. Perfect for birthday parties, travel, or rainy days.

Suitable for ages 7+

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