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This watermelon sponge painting art activity will invigorate the senses, spark creativity, and add in a little bit of math!


  • Sponges cut in various sizes of triangles
  • White cardstock
  • Tempera paint
  • Small paper plates
  • Paintbrush


  • Preliminary steps include cutting several sponges into triangle (or wedge) shapes, rounding the bottoms to give each one the shape of a watermelon’s rind. Before beginning the art project, you can also cut a slice of watermelon and ask your child to carefully examine the shape, colours, texture, and of course, the flavour!
  • After discussing the rind, flesh, seeds, and colours of this summer fruit, you can add pink (or red), green, and black paint to some small paper plates.
  • Use heavy white cardstock for the painting’s canvas. Then dip your triangular sponges in the pink (or red) paint and press them to the paper to make a watermelon print!
  • For the rind, you can use a paintbrush to paint it on. Once the green rinds are painted, you’ll want to add some seeds. This is a perfect time to put the paintbrush and sponges down and use your fingers!
  • Talking about the project as you guide your child lends an opportunity to work on verbal skills and strengthen vocabulary while you and your little artist discuss their project. You can talk about how many sides the slices of watermelon have or how the sponge texture looks a lot like the watermelon’s flesh.
  • Let the paint dry and display your watermelon art!
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