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Homeschooling blog Blossom & Root offers great resources to make nature walks and outdoor activities STEAM learning opportunities. They note that “we are born curious about the natural world, and we are born to tinker with it. Sticks, rocks, trees, creeks, insects – these were the toys children played with before there were dolls or blocks (or video games.)”

As part of their homeschooling resources, they offer 36 free cards to inspire STEAM creations on your next hike or nature walk! Laminate, throw them on a ring or carabiner, toss them in your backpack, and go!

Integrating STEAM concepts into a nature walk is simple:

  1. Throw some laminated STEAM cards in your backpack the next time you head outside for a hike or a ramble.
  2. Hand the cards to your kids once you’re settled in a good spot.
  3. Let your children pick and choose from the cards, creating whatever sparks their interest out of rocks, sticks, mud, grass, flowers, shells, sand, moss, leaves, stumps, etc.
  4. Throw the STEAM cards in your bag when they’re finished and ramble on.
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