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Regrow your own celery in a sunny window this spring!

Simply chop the base from a bunch of celery, leaving about 2 inches. Place this 2-inch cutting in a dish of water in a sunny location. You’ll have to wait for about 5-7 days to see new growth starting from the centre of the cutting.

After about a week or two, you can transplant the cutting to a pot with soil, burying the cutting in soil and leaving any new leafy growth in the centre to peek above the soil. Give it plenty of water and monitor it for signs of dryness or excess moisture.

The leafy centre will continue growing and start producing its own stalks, which you can start harvesting and snacking on!

Tips for growing and harvesting celery:

  • Celery does not grow well in hot conditions, so make sure you give your celery plant adequate water and shade during the hottest part of the day. If your plant does not receive enough water, it could become tough and stringy.
  • Change out the water every couple of days while in the initial water dish phase of the project.
  • When transplanting, you can also plant the celery directly into the soil outside – you may want to go this route if you live in a temperate area or want to be able to harvest outdoors.
  • You can remove only a few stalks of celery at a time – there’s no need to harvest the whole plant. When doing this, make sure you remove the outer stalks first and let the less developed inner stalks continue growing. Take care not to damage the rest of the plant if removing individual stalks.
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