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(For the week of April 26, 2021)

Check out this week’s Feature 5 – a list of top-selling products from Shop, the Children’s Museum’s gift store, now with FREE shipping in Winnipeg on orders over $25!

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Unicorn Crystal Terrarium
Price: $18.99

Channel your inner scientist and add a sprinkle of magic! Learn how to grow your very own crystals to create a mystical unicorn wonderland. Kit features crystal growing medium, unicorn figures, accessories, and instructions.

Crystal size (when fully formed): Approximately 2”W. Terrarium size: 4.25”W x 3”H x 3.75”D.

Suitable for ages 10+

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ZOOB Builderz 250-Piece Kit
Regular Price: $87.99
Sale Price: $43.99

ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference—the pieces move after you put them together, so you can play with your creations, instead of just looking at them. This tub of 250 brightly-colored pieces comes with 6 instruction guides to make over 30 creations including a ZOOBasuraus or a ZOOBcycle (or create your own). A great way to support core STEM principles while encouraging creative play!

Suitable for ages 6+

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Playstix Airplane Set
Price: $16.99

Build and create a cool airplane with this STEM-supporting construction system! Easy-to-follow instructions are included in every set, with pieces colour-coded by length and a unique “Snap & Lock” feature that allows the model to be assembled and taken apart easily. Ideal for both independent and group play. 

Suitable for ages 4+

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Robot Claw
Price: $8.99

Have fun picking up items with the amazing Robot Claw. The claw reaches up to 18 inches away and makes a ratchet sound when you squeeze the handle to give you an authentic robot feel!

Suitable for ages 5+

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Alex Little Hands Picture Mosaic
Regular Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $10.99

Easy, no-mess fun – just peel and stick to create five different mosaic pictures with hundreds of colourful shape and photo stickers. This kit contains 5 pre-printed boards (9″ square), 984 stickers, and picture instructions to create a lion, house, birthday cake, cereal bowl, or flower mosaic.

Suitable for ages 3+

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