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April showers bring May flowers! While the weather is bad, stay indoors and make a cute craft celebrating spring.


  • Blue cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White mini pompoms or cotton balls
  • Blue embroidery floss or string
  • Tape


  • Cut a cloud shape out of a big piece of cardstock or construction paper. With the scrap pieces, cut out raindrop shapes.
  • Cover a section of the cloud with glue and arrange the pom poms or cotton balls, filling in every space and adding glue as necessary. Continue section by section until the cloud is covered with fluffy white clouds!
  • Cut different lengths of the blue embroidery floss. Glue two raindrops together with the string in the middle.
  • When all the glue is dry, tape the strings to the back of the cloud. Display in your home or by your windows!
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