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It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump through snowy shapes! Roll the dice and get moving as you explore different shapes and types of movement!


  • Paper 
  • Ruler
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stick
  • Bowl


  • Use the ruler to trace four squares on a piece of paper. These squares should be in a straight line, with one side of each square touching another. Trace one square to the left and the right of the second square from the top, with each of these new squares touching the middle square. Your six squares should form a “t” shape.
  • Use scissors to cut around your six squares. You want all six squares to be attached so they still form a “t.”
  • Decorate each of your squares with a different shape.
  • Fold along each of the lines that divide your squares. Use tape to attach the sides together to form edges and corners, creating your cube. You want the side that you decorated to be on the outside of your cube.
  • Grab a bowl and go outside! Use a stick to draw the same six shapes that are on your cube in the snow outdoors. Make sure that each shape is large enough for you to jump into.
  • Roll your dice in the bowl and jump into the shape that’s shown! Repeat this step as you jump between your shapes.

Spark Creative Learning!

  • What types of shapes can you create? Are they polygons? How many edges, vertices, and corners do each of them have?
  • Add an extra layer to your game by associating each shape with a different type of movement. For example, try doing jumping jacks every time you jump in a triangle, or standing on one foot every time you jump in a square. How many different types of movement can you explore?
  • Can you peer into the future? Try guessing which shape your dice will land on before you roll it. What is the probability of it landing on any one shape? Can you put this probability to the test?


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