cartoon robot


Time for some twirling, twisting fun! Make your own toy that’s sure to dazzle everyone with its rotating rainbow!


  • Wooden dowel
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape


  • Cut 8 strips from your coloured paper. Each strip should be approximately ½ inch wide.
  • Fold another piece of paper into 4. Trace a circle that is approximately the same size as a tea light and cut it out. You should now have 4 circles that are the same size.
  • Using a pen, poke a hole through the middle of each circle that is large enough for your dowel to fit through.
  • Arrange the 8 strips of paper around your circle. Attach them to your circle using the tape. Be careful not to cover the center hole. When they are all attached, create small loops of tape and place them on your second circle. Press it over top of the strips of coloured paper so that they are sandwiched between the two circles.
  • Use tape to attach the other ends of the strips of paper to your third circle in the same fashion. Once they are attached, repeat the above steps to sandwich them between two circles as well.
  • Push your dowel through the holes in the top and bottom circles. Use tape to attach the top of the top circle to tip of your dowel so that it remains in place.
  • Place the bottom of your dowel between your hands and spin your twirligig to watch your colours meld together!

Spark Creative Learning!

  • A pattern contains a series of elements that should repeat at least three times. What kinds of patterns can you create in your twirligig?
  • Optical illusions play tricks on our eyes! Did you know that by spinning your twirligig, you’re creating an optical illusion? What happens to the different colours when you spin your twirligig? What happens when you stop spinning it? Do you notice anything different happening when you spin it quickly or slowly?
  • Your twirligig is one kind of toy, but can you create another? Use the same materials to create your own unique toy! What does it do? How will people play with it?
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