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Gather around and take a peek inside…what’s hiding inside your surprise gift box? 


  • Construction Paper
  • White paper
  • Paper Fastener
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Tape


  • Fold a piece of construction paper in quarters.
  • Use the scissors to cut your paper in half along the vertical line.
  • Take one half of your paper and use the scissors to cut along the fold.
  • Place one of the pieces of paper you just cut off to the side. This will be the bottom of your box.
  • Take the other piece of paper that you just cut and turn it so that it is longer than it is tall. Make a fold at the top of your paper that is approximately 1 inch wide. Use the scissors to cut along the fold and discard the small 1-inch strip of paper that you just created. The rectangle that is left over will be the top of your box.
  • Lay the top of your box over the bottom of your box so that they overlap about an inch. Take the paper fastener and place it near the corner where the two pieces overlap. Push it through both pieces of paper and secure it at the back. The two pieces of paper should now be attached, and you should be able to open and close your box.
  • Decorate your box. You can even add one of the paper bows featured on our previous Creation Station post! Try to create different patterns and designs on your box.
  • What do you want to have hidden in your box? Use the white piece of paper to draw your special gift. Cut it out and glue it behind the bottom of your box, positioning it so that it will be able to be hidden by the top when it moves in front of it.
  • Open and close your box to reveal your surprise gift!

Spark Creative Learning!

  • Is your gift for someone special? Think of a member of your family and imagine a gift they would like to receive. Place that gift inside your gift box.
  • Continue the spirit of gift giving by creating a surprise gift box for all the members of your family!
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