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(For the week of November 23, 2020)

Check out this week’s Feature 5 – a list of top-selling products from Shop, the Children’s Museum’s gift store, now with FREE shipping in Winnipeg on orders over $25!

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Legend of Milk and Cookies Ornament
Price: $2.99

Dip into this fun Christmas tale about the legend of milk and cookies with this ornament! A milk jug and cookie shaped ornament is a great stocking stuffer and makes fun Christmas gifts for teachers, parents, kids and more. Featuring resin cookies, this ornament adds a fun new legend to your Christmas tree.

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Plush Santa Bear
Price: $4.99

These teddy bears can’t wait to be tucked in Christmas stockings! You can also set these Santa Bears on tables at your holiday party for a festive centerpiece decoration. Each adorable stuffed animal wears a red Santa stocking hat and scarf. 5 inches high.

Suitable for ages 3+

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Buzzword Junior
Price: $33.99

Buzzword Junior is designed with younger players in mind. Just like in the award-winning Buzzword game, you and your teammates have 45 seconds to solve a set of clues, and all the answers contain the Buzzword. Let’s say the Buzzword is “see” and the clue is “teeter-totter.” Your teammates shout “seesaw,” and you buzz the buzzer. With clues for all ages, you’ll “see” why Buzzword Junior is the perfect family game.

Suitable for ages 7+

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Tool Book
Price: $10.99

What are tools? How do they help us make things? For busy toddlers keen on building, Gail Gibbons presents the answers to those questions in this cheerful board book introduction to tools and what they do. From rulers, hammers, and saws, to drills, nuts, and bolts, Gibbons covers basic hand tools and shows them in action!

Suitable for ages 3+

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Kitchen Science Kit
Price: $22.99

Convert your kitchen into a science lab with this fun and educational science kit. Create a working volcano, generate electricity with a lemon, launch a vinegar-powered rocket and much more. Introduce your young science enthusiast to basic concepts of electricity, chemical reactions, propulsion, and more. The KidzLabs Kitchen Science Kit includes materials for performing six classic home science experiments. 

Suitable for ages 8+

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