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Building structures with marshmallows is a classic engineering project for all ages, but this time we’re building with jellybeans! Building with toothpicks and candies of all kinds is quick, simple, and loads of fun. You can choose to lead your children in an activity or let them freely explore.


  • Toothpicks
  • Jellybeans


  • In this open-ended STEAM activity, just stick toothpicks into jellybeans to start forming cubes, pyramids, and other shapes. You can keep adding to your structure once you’ve started the basic shape – see how tall you can build a tower! Be sure to balance and test your structure as you build.
  • Challenge your kids to build using 100 jellybeans and toothpicks!

This activity supports the development of the following STEAM skills:

Engineering: With this activity, kids learn about balance, symmetry, stability, and trial and error testing while building and testing out their structures.

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