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Check out these random activities to keep your little ones busy when they say they’re bored!

  • Find some scarves, or other sturdy fabric, and get the family together for 3-legged races in the backyard.
  • Have everyone in the family make their own paper boat and then race them to see who the winner is.
  • Pull out your dress-up trunk and put on a fashion show. Don’t worry if you don’t have dress-up clothes or costumes, mom and dads old clothes work just as well!
  • Grab a deck of cards and try out a new card game.
  • Find a comfy spot in the grass and watch the clouds. What shapes or animals do the clouds look like.
  • Practice your tongue twisters and show off your cool new talent to family and friends.
  • Make up your own language that only you and your family can understand.
  • Do blind taste tests with food or drinks to see if you can guess what it is. Try to choose foods that you know the other person likes so there isn’t any bad surprises!
  • Make a family time capsule and bury it in your yard, or keep it in another safe place until you decide to open it.
  • Have bubble blowing contests to see who can blow the biggest bubble.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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