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The average person farts 14 times per day, and each fart travels away from your body at about 7mph.

The Anglo-Zanzibar War in 1896 lasted less than 40 minutes, making it the shortest war in history.

Goats have rectangular pupils.

Some ants can make themselves explode when attacked.

A zedonk is an unusual cross between a male zebra and a female donkey.

The world’s first traffic light was a manually operated gas-lit signal installed in December 1868 and exploded less than a month later.

Your hair grows faster in warm temperatures, and your fingernails grow faster when you’re cold.

Hotdogs can last more than 20 years in a landfill.

A dolphin can learn to recognize itself in a mirror.

The dots on dice are called Pips.

Belly Button lint is made out of dead skin cells, hair, and clothing fibers.

Your sense of smell is weaker in the morning and stronger in the evening.

A cloud can weigh more than one million pounds.

Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts.

Jellyfish can sting even when they are dead.

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