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Get moving and beat the heat as you decorate your own fabulous fan! Use it to help create “fan”-tastic games, and keep cool as you play!


  • Paper Plate
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Duct Tape



  • Cut your paper plate in half
  • Lay your popsicle sticks along the back of the paper plate. Angle them downwards so they meet together at a point to form a handle. Use the duct tape to secure them in place along the back of the plate. Wrap the duct tape around the base of the handle (where all the popsicle sticks join together) to keep those in place as well!
  • Turn your fan over and decorate it! See our suggestions below for ideas on how to decorate your fan that support learning outcomes for Kindergarten – Grade 5!
  • Use your fan to create your own game, and to keep cool! See our suggestions below for example games that help tie into learning outcomes for Kindergarten – Grade 5!


How does this spark creative learning?

Are you as swift as a hare, or as slow as a tortoise? Create two fans – one decorated with things that move quickly, and the other with things that move slowly. Later, use these fans to help practice moving at different speeds. Grab a partner and choose an action (eg: jumping, spinning, waving, etc). Have your partner perform that action either quickly or slowly depending on which fan you’re holding up!

Grade 1:
Get your whole family involved in your summer fun! Invite everyone in your family to create their own fan, each decorated to represent a different action (ex: hopping, running, spinning, etc). Later, choose one member of that family to be the leader. The leader should take everyone’s fans, and choose one to hold up. Everyone should then do that action until the leader switches fans!

Grade 2:  
Get your dancing feet ready! Decorate your fan to show three different movements that can be chained together into a dance! Practice your dance, perform for your family, and invite them to follow along!

Grade 3:
Mirror mirror on the wall – watch your partner’s fan and be sure not to fall! Design a fan alongside a family member. Later, choose one person to be the leader, and one person to be their “mirror”. The person who is the “mirror” must copy the leader’s actions as closely as they can. Be sure to keep your balance!

Grade 4:
Where in the world do sports come from? Choose a sport to decorate your fan. Later, research to discover the origins of that sport, then head outside and try playing it for yourself! Or, create your very own unique sport!

Grade 5:
How do activities keep us healthy? Decorate your fan with images of different activities, along with the parts of your body that they help develop (ex: a skipping rope and your heart to show how jump rope helps to strengthen your cardiovascular endurance)! Later, head outside and try these activities out for yourself!

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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