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If you are looking for a creative activity that helps brighten someone’s day, check out these printables from Rifle Paper Co. Download and print these lovely cards and let your little ones colour them in to then hand out to family and friends.

We all have fond memories of playing games outside with our friends in the summer. These printable cards of fun backyard games for kids from Let Grow are a great way for them to experience new games. From Simon Says and Follow The Leader to Four Square and Kick The Can, your little ones are sure to be busy for hours with outdoor fun!

Join Marbles Kids Museum as you learn how to make your very own foosball table! Grab household items like a cardboard box, pencils, straws, and clothes pins and get building. Add a little flair to your foosball table by decorating it with glitter, pompoms, and whatever other craft supplies you can find.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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