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Spending time in nature as a family is a great way to foster positive outdoor experiences for your little ones. Here are some tips for making hiking with your kiddos a positive and exciting experience:

  • Set clear trail expectations. Take lead from the folks over at Leave No Trace Canada to ensure you are leaving the trail the way you found it and respecting all wildlife.
  • Play games as you walk the trail! Put a spin on scavenger hunts and have your kids search for things like rocks, water streams, and birds, but make sure to reinforce the Leave No Trace principals and put items back as you found them.
  • Do some research about the trails and find ones with signs on the trails that share fun facts and information about the wildlife in the area. AllTrails is a great resource for preparing for your hike and finding new trails. AllTrails provides reviews and information about each trail so you can be sure to pick one that works for your families needs.
  • Bring nature and wildlife guides with you on your hike so as you spot plants, bugs, or animals you can turn to the guide to help identify the different species.
  • Let your child explore! They have curious minds, especially when exploring something new. Let them take the lead and follow their pace as they stop to check out flowers and trees.

Now get out on the trails and start exploring the great outdoors!

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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