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Get ready for another literacy Thursday!

Manybooks is an amazing resource for both kids and adults alike! With over 50,000 FREE eBooks of all different genres, there is sure to be the perfect book for everyone. All books are available for download or can be read in an online format. Find all of your favourite classics here including Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. Head over to Manybooks today and discover thousands of new books! is a website full of free, original children’s stories with the mission of making reading accessible to all children. Browse books by age or style and find the best story for your little one. These stories come complete with illustrations to keep your children engaged.

Children’s Books Forever has a variety of picture books on their website in a number of different languages including French, German, Spanish, and more! There is even a few toddler specific books for the littlest ones.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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