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Help brighten someone’s day with these painted positive pebbles! Create your own heartwarming message and decorate your own home or leave it for someone else to find!


  • Rock
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • BBQ Skewer


  • Choose a rock to paint
  • Decide what you would like to paint on your rock. Add a general positive message to help spread cheer or look below for ideas on how to spread positivity while supporting key learning outcomes from Kindergarten-Grade 5!
  • Paint your rock. The type of paint you are using will influence how you paint it
    • If you are using acrylic paint like us, begin with your background, and slowly work your way forward with layers. Use as many colours as needed so your colours really pop!
    • If you are using tempera paint, you’ll want to plan out where everything will go more carefully so that your colours don’t overlap. Use one colour at a time and apply multiple coats so your colours stand out!
  • If you need to do fine details, try using a wooden BBQ skewer for extra precision!
  • Once your rock has dried, place it outside! You can fill your own backyard with positivity, join in on someone else’s campaign (such as the line of rocks currently making their way across the Assiniboine Park footbridge), or place your positive pebbles around your own neighbourhood!


How does this spark creative learning?

What makes you, you? Do you love to sing? Dance? Draw? Build? Design your pebble to showcase something you’re great at that you love to share with others!

Grade 1:
What can you do to help make someone else’s day brighter? Decorate your pebble with an example of something you could say or do that would help put a spring in someone’s step and spread joy all around!

Grade 2:  
Teamwork makes the dream work – but what makes a terrific team? Paint your pebble so that it showcases what you can do to make sure you put your best foot forward as a member of a top-tier team!

Grade 3:
Set your sights on the stars! What’s something you could accomplish that would help make someone else’s life better? Decide on a goal that you could accomplish within a week and paint your pebble to reflect it. Hang on to your pebble until you’ve completed your goal, then place it outside. Create a new pebble to represent a new goal. See how many goals and pebbles you can complete within a week!

Grade 4:
Go team, go! How can we cheer others on in the middle of a competition? Think of a phrase or a cheer that you could say to encourage someone in the middle of a race or a game and paint it on your pebble!

Grade 5:
What makes for a great friend? Think of your own friends and the reasons why they’re so dear to your heart. Are they honest? Kind? Helpful? Paint your pebble to represent these things and show the world what makes your friends so fantastic!

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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